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Captive Strains

A number of captive strains of N. furzeri are available through the scientific community and killifish breeders. Each strain originates from a specific collection point and was propagated without out-crossing to other strains. The strains are distinguished by a collection code which identifies the locality and year of collection. For example, MZM-04/10 means MoZaMbique, year 2004, locality n. 10. This can originate confusion and some orientation in the origin of these strains is particularly important as they differ in their longevity phenotype. The strain with an extremely short-lived phenotype is named GRZ. This strain originates from specimens collected by Furzer over 40 years ago and it is extremely homozygous. In case you are interested in acquiring the GRZ strain it is highly recommended to contact a scientist working with this strain, as eggs offered by private breeders may not always correspond to the strain used in the laboratory. In case of doubt, a list of microsatellites with the corresponding GRZ genotype can be found in the work by Valenzano et al.

List of N. furzeri strains collected by scientists
NameWatershedLongevity phenotype
Collected by Cellerino, Valenzano, Valdesalici, Terzibasi
Collected by Cellerino, Hartmann, Reichwald, Terzibasi
MZM-07/03LimpopoNot published
Collected by Polacik, Reichard, Sedlacek
MZCS-08/122LimpopoNot published
Collected by Watters
MOZ-04/13 MazimechopesNot published
MZZW-07/01ChefuNot published
List of N. furzeri strains collected by aquarium hobbyists
Collected by Wood et al.
MOZ-99/4LimpopoNot published
Collected by Hengstler
MZHL-05/02LimpopoNot published
Collected by Gomez
MZGS-06/08MazimechopesNot published


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