NFIN - The Nothobranchius furzeri Information Network

<i>N. furzeri</i> adult male, isolate MZM-0410 <i>N. furzeri</i> \ Habitat of <i>N. furzeri</i> in Mozambique Fishroom at FLI
Offspring of a cross between <i>N. furzeri</i> inbred line GRZ and isolate MZM-0403 <i>N. furzeri</i> adult male, isolate MZM-0403


The species Nothobranchius furzeri possesses several characteristics which make it a particularly attractive model system for age research:

The aim of this website is to provide information on N. furzeri and to foster the development of a group of interest which aims at creating a consortium to establish this organism as a model for developmental and age research.